This curator fellowship is not your typical program.  We are looking to give a young, ambitious person creative freedom within a startup to grow and make an impact.  Our hope is to create a mutually beneficial relationship that leads to a more permanent role. 

  • Requires up to 10 hours a week commitment
  • 4 week trial period
  • 3 month timeline (can be extended if both parties agree)
  • Please note this is unpaid however see our listed incentives below
  • Application Deadline: 12/10

What is Blck Prism?

Blck Prism is a reimagined space to discover Black art online.  We are focused on empowering Black art through context, commerce, and cultural connection. The mission is to become the home for Black art and feel accessible to a new generation of art lovers.

The artful exploration around Black experience, identity, and culture should be aimed towards a broader audience that can benefit from our visual objects. Please check out our beta site for a glimpse into how we’ve experimented so far.  We are constantly learning and evolving so we hope you can be part of that growth and development.

Blck Prism is cofounded by Andre and Tanayia Woolery.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for an individual that has interest in curating artwork and seeks non-traditional approaches.  We want you to push the limits of what we are doing and what you currently are capable of.  You will be given freedom within our framework to develop elements of writing, curating, art discovery, and art education.

You must believe in our vision/mission, love Black art, know how to hustle, be web and tech savvy, and know how to network.  You must be invested in art reaching a broader audience and specifically reaching those that the message pertains to.  We are creating the future, we need someone that cannot only imagine it but lead people to it.  

We are digital first so be prepared to navigate technology.  We aren’t looking for an overly academic lens…you need to balance art talk with the wit/charm of Black Twitter. If this sounds like you, proceed to our questionnaire below…

PROGRAM Requirements

  • Develop our database of Black artists (established to emerging) – identify artists, collect bios, featured artwork, gallery representation and upload into system
  • Discover new talent and artwork
  • Curate artwork based on unique taxonomies
  • Develop copy and content for the site that helps visitors engage with art
  • Inform and help with social media content
  • Minimum 10 hours a week for 3 months
  • Weekly status call (30-60 minutes)

Fellowship Incentives

Blck Prism Jamaica Retreat:  After the 4 week trial period ends, your will be invited to a 3-4 day trip to Jamaica for a brand retreat.  We will discuss our vision, process, and share your ideas.  The outcome should be trust, deeper enthusiasm, alignment, and a plan for creating together.

Ongoing incentives to advance your career:

  • Gain knowledge of entrepreneurship, digital media and marketing
  • Expand your professional network
  • Add to your professional resume
  • Gain a deeper awareness of the Black art landscape
  • Discover talent and create artist relationships
  • A platform to develop content, articles, interviews, etc.
  • Commission based opportunities for curations
  • Potential opportunities to curate physical shows/events



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